We are Francesca and Federica

and this is a "sisters’ story"...

Our house is open to all guests wishing to enjoy a familiar environment and who believe in exchange and mutual enrichment and sharing.
The project relies on our knowledge and expertise and aims at strengthening the bond with our territory and meeting interesting people of different cultures and nationalities.

We wanted to create a place conjuring up perfumes of faraway destinations… an intuition to be followed. A house resembling a trunk, just waiting to be opened. With creativity and passion, many ideas and a hard work to define them, and countless sleepless nights spent thinking – and rethinking about our project … a story of two “compatible” sisters, who always stay true to their dreams.

Federica is a landscape architect with a passion for French natural gardens, especially those designed by Gilles Clément. With passion and expertise, she has overseen the project of the garden of Villa Paradiso, making it a special place.

Francesca works in the domain of election observation and technical assistance mainly with the United Nations, the OSCE/ODIHR and the European Union. With a passion for interior design and the restoration of ancient furniture, she has carefully chosen, from artisans and designers, each and every object and furnishing accessory.